During my final 2 years in university (2000 - 2002) I was a member of the university Clay Pigeon Shooting Club. If you've never tried the rather unusual hobby/ sport, it's well worth a go because it's a lot of fun (as long as you don't get too caught up in missing the odd target!). 

I was lucky enough to make some really good friends (not to mention my other half) in the club, and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for making standing in a very muddy field in the middle of nowhere on numerous cold, wet Aberystwyth days, shooting at orange clay disks that I'm never going to hit, seem like a very good and enjoyable thing to do.

So here are some pics that I took on one of your days out doing some proper shooting at the local shooting ground, Dovey Valley (and some of my mates from the club)

Aber CPSC summer 2001

Aber CPSC summer 2001

Some of the 2000/2001 club in Aber castle Again in the castle with the old college in the background
Aber CPSC summer 2001
Posing on the mermaid monument I think I got that one! (with a little help)
Dovey Valley Shooting Ground, not a bad setting!

If your interested there is a little more info on the old club website : www.barnes.it/AberCPSC
Or more officially at the CPSA website : www.cpsa.co.uk